Sunday, February 7, 2010

Like Jonah

This morning I heard a message about Jonah which was just what I needed to hear.  You see, we recently moved to Colorado from Southern California due to my husband being relocated because of his job.  Selling our home of 18 years, leaving our friends and family behind was heartbreaking.  Escrow closed, going away parties were held, goodbyes were said.  We hopped on a plane and in two hours we were whisked away to another world.  The shock of it all was overwhelming to my whole system.  It was not what I wanted.

We went to see our rental home that we found on Craig's List.  I was disappointed with it in some ways.  It was not what I had dreamed about.  I was angry and wanted out of the deal.  I lamented the sale of our house and the decision to leave California.  With these feelings rising up in me I realized that I did not want the moving van to show up at that rental house.  Why?  Because I knew that once it did, my fate was sealed.  Well, the dreaded day came and I obeyed God.  I went to the house, I directed the movers on where to put our furniture and boxes thus sealing my fate to live in Colorado.

Now listening to the Sunday sermon I realized I was being a Jonah.  My eyes were more fixed on 'my' desires rather than my lovely Lord.  Dear Lord, please forgive me for seeking delight in the things of this world rather than in You.