Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Pilgrim's Progress

My son Eric read The Pilgrim's Progress (written in modern English - revised and updated by L. Edward Hazelbaker). Eric said, "You will like it Mom". Then one day he laid the book on my bed to encourage me to read it. So I started to read it, but had to put it down for a bit. This week I have picked it back up and I am really enjoying it. There are so many deep spiritual lessons.

For instance, the main character, Christian, carries a burden on his back. He has been set on a path by Evangelist toward a "gate" where he will be set on the straight and narrow path to heaven. On the way Christian meets up with Mr. Worldly Wiseman who persuades Christian that the path he is on is full of danger. He then persaudes Christian to take the path to a town called Morality. There he is to seek Mr. Legality or his son Civility who will be able to help him eliminate his burden. Once eliminated, he could then live a happy life of ease, safety, friendship and contentment in the town of Morality. But the path becomes so steep and dangerous that Christian fears of losing his life. It is then that Evangelist shows up and directs him back to the right path.

Evangelist tells Christian, "I say therefore, when anyone works to persuade you that following God's instrustions will cause you death, when the Truth has said you cannot have eternal life without doing so, you must despise that person's doctrine." Christian repents and goes straight back to the path to that leads to the gate. When he reaches the gate he meets a man named Goodwill. Goodwill laments that no one saw fit to come along with Christian. There was a man named Pliable that came part way, but bailed out at the Slew of Despondence. To this Goodwill says, "Alas, poor man! Is the Celestial Glory of so little value to him that he doesn't count it worth running the hazard of a few difficulties to obtain?"

If you have never read the book "The Pilgrim's Progress" I highly recommend that you do. Go to this link, scroll down and you will find it under "Pure Gold Classics".