Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Giving Our Hopes & Dreams to God

In the early days of my marriage I was content not having any children. Just my husband and my career were enough. As years go on though people begin to ask "When are you going to have a baby?" The pressure of it all. So we decided that it was time and we started trying, but nothing was happening. Then the diagnosis of endometriosis came and along with it procedures, drugs and surgery. After all that we tried again, I began holding in my heart the hopes & dreams of having our own child even stronger than before. Unfortunately, those hopes and dreams were something I had to let go of. God had a different plan and that plan was adoption. In 1996 we were gifted with two little boys, ages 1 and 2 at the time. My little babies came to me with blond hair, big dark brown eyes, perfectly formed little bodies and sweet little voices. Biological brothers. These two little lives softened my painful yearnings to be a mother.

One of my most cherished memories is of my oldest son, Eric, when he was in Kindergarden. That was when I received my first handmade Mother's Day card. I picked Eric up from school and he came to me trying to hide a bundle of papers, saying "Mommy, you can't peek." Then being overwhelmed with excitement he said, "Well, I will let you see this." He then pulled out a long white piece of paper, a card for me. He proudly said "Mommy, I made it ALL by myself." Very important! And as I gazed at this lovely card with pink tulips on it, I realized my dreams had come true. I opened up the card and inside he had simply written "Happy Mom's Day....Love, Eric".

God does know our hopes and dreams, but often times He seeks to fulfill our hopes and dreams in a different way than we desire. He has a plan for our greater good and the greater good of others. Let Him have your hopes and dreams and you will see how deep and great His love really is.