Friday, April 16, 2010

A New Direction

"He knoweth the way that I take: when he has tried me, I shall come forth as gold." (Job 23:10)

This is the verse I received this morning in my little promises box.  I take out a little card every day and seriously the Lord really does use these little cards.  He speaks to me through them and I am always eager for Him to speak to me.  There have been a lot of internal trials going on within me.  The Lord has been pointing me through various people to a path He has personally picked out for me.  He wants me to experience greater joy and LOVE in my life.  He has set me in Colorado to walk on this path and according to the verse today, He has promised that I shall come forth as gold.

Father, I accept this journey, this path you have set me on, I want to come forth as gold and glorify your name.  Thank you for all your awesome blessings.  In your son's name Jesus, I pray.  Amen