Sunday, June 14, 2009

Godly Mothering

The impact a mother can have on her child's life is awesome. Perhaps you've heard me talk about my dear mother Rebecca and what a great example she was for me.

Mother and my father Charlie Stanley had been married just three years when he died. I was only nine months old. It was 1933 and the entire nation was struggling through the Great Depression. things were very difficult for everyone, but especially for my mother, who had to provide for and raise a child on her own. She didn't understand why the Lord had allowed her to experience such adversity. But through it all, she still trusted Him, and her faith in God made a tremendous difference in my life.

Now, you may wonder if you are equipped to be a good example to others. But the only qualifications necessary are unconditional love and obedience to the Lord Jesus Christ. My mother never taught a Sunday school class, never sang in the choir, and never held an office in her church. She was a very quiet, unassuming, humble lady. But she was very wise, because her focus on God and His Word was central to her life.

So how can you impact the lives of your children and the young people you know? It's the same way that my mother influenced me. ~ Charles Stanley

How to be a good example to a child:

1. Read the word of God.
2. Pray
3. Trust the Lord for your needs and be thankful.
4. Submit to the Lord, obey His word.
5. Love others as Christ does.