Monday, June 29, 2009


There are days where I am not having a good attitude or do not act right. A lot of times I get down on myself and think I will never be able to please God. This thinking can begin to drive a wedge between me and Him. There is always forgiveness available I just have to accept it. The below quote helps me to think correctly. I hope it helps you too.

"If our heavenly Father gives us a gift, we can trust He will never take it away. It becomes ours to keep. That’s what a gift is! We did nothing to deserve it. So, we can do nothing to lose it. It all rests on God’s initiative.

But, a greater theological principle is at work here. If the believer’s sin after salvation could require death—or any form of punishment— then Jesus’ sacrifice was insufficient. However, the Bible tells us Jesus’ death was wholly sufficient and a once-for-all payment of mankind’s sin-debt. (Hebrews 7:26-27)

Either Jesus’ blood does cover our sins, or it doesn’t. There’s no middle ground. The Holy Spirit, Christ’s words, and Scripture’s testimony clearly state that it does." ~Charles Stanley