Thursday, May 14, 2009

Written Words

I read an article in the Los Angeles Times today by Melissa Magsaysay titled "Next Time, Make it Personal". The article talked about the great art of letter writing and how it is getting lost through the age of electronics. Here is a quote from the article...

"I have 250 friends on Facebook. I'm not bragging (that's nothing compared to most people), but I'm a bit baffled by how I can have so many "friends" without ever having received a handwritten letter from even one of them. I faithfully send thank you, sympathy and even "Hey, how are you?" notes to people I value. And the mailman's not delivering much in return.

Maybe Facebook has made us too apathetic to remember what being real frineds is like. We've gone from meeting in person to talking on cellphones to e-mailing to texting to Friendster-ing to Facebook-ing...

Writing a note by hand is a deliberate, gracious act that's more about thought than speed - the polar opposite of a BBM or text message. And because it's full of "inconveniences" - finding a stamp, then a mailbox, not to mention the recipient's home address - it's a process that brings the cream of your social network to the top. They're the ones who are worth the time, the ones who'd also make time for you."

"When you receive something on a card, no matter what is written, you take it more seriously. You know it was thoughtful, personal and more considered," says Jonathan Arnold, general manager of Dempsey & Carroll, a high-end New York-based stationery company."

I thought this article was very interesting. It got me thinking about God and the Bible. It also got me to thinking about what I taught Eric when I first started teaching him World History this year. The history book taught about beginning of civilization and how a written language was a very important part of it. Written language is a gift from God. Without it, we would not have the scriptures. God took the time through the Holy Spirit to make sure He communicated with us. He made sure that it was down on paper so that we could all read of His great love for us. Yes, our Lord is the cream of the crop, gracious and a person that makes time for us. Lets make sure we hold His written words close to our heart.